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SP stands for ?Super Producer? and he wanted to just do music and didn?t care about notoriety or fame.
SP Anonymous founded the school in 2017, starting with a couple of students whom he attracted through his training videos and production on YouTube. Before this, he directed bands at various schools in Seattle.

He was also in high demand for private lessons in the Seattle area. Mr. Anonymous was self-taught including his mastery of the piano. He utilized this knowledge to create the curriculum for the school.

It is our mission to bring real music back to the forefront in today?s production, and we deliver the curriculum to make it happen!

Your teacher, SP Anonymous, has 10+ years of experience studying, training, and mastering the piano and music theory. He has directed bands, taught in schools and has been given a PBS award.

He has taught a ton of people online, both privately and publicly and has also had a decade long successful career in music and education. Other teachers would not be able to help their students achieve such powerful results without going through the same process.

Many students who were incapable of even reading music when they began learning from SP Anonymous can now play the Moonlight Sonata with grace and character within a year after starting. Students are excelling at an unheard of rate, and their music is reflecting this.
No. The school is an online school, so anyone may enroll and we have serviced many students inside and out of the U.S.
Yes, and more. The school curriculum has proven to help students compose music in any style desired through applicable knowledge of music theory, music composition, music analyzation and the psychology behind the music.
Yes. One of the major focal points of our curriculum is the art of the piano. Every student has learned how to play piano well and some are even playing classical pieces by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and Enrique Grandos.
Yes. The school is self-paced and allows to students to progress at their respective rate.
Yes. We have helped many students sell their first beats or increase their music sales. We teach focus on building your brand and servicing clients with impeccable music.
Yes. Our school curriculum entails an invaluable music composition, music theory and production class that will teach you step by step on how to master melody, harmony and the creative process thereof.

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