Jason Lull

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 I knew from the beginning that Maestro was a very wise, intelligent, caring person. He only wanted what was best for me. He already knew me so well, he knew what I wanted to get out of the schooling. Maestro to me has impacted my life in so many ways, helping me deal with personal issues, helping me realize what?s wrong and what?s right.

Like many other producers, I was in it for the money. He made me realize that you don?t have to work for the money. You just have to let the music work itself and the money will come later. Maestro taught me this from the get go. Maestro being the most genuine person I know, being the most caring and intellectual person out there (especially in the producing game) has taught me and others so many things.

His knowledge seems to be infinite and you have to talk to him one on one to truly understand what I?m talking about. Maestro has literally saved my life from dealing with depression and negative thoughts that know one should have to deal with, he helped me out of that hole. He gave me a flashlight, a guide to life, and to music. 

Overall Maestro is a genuine, intelligent, caring, best friend kind of guy. He?s helped me as well as so many others achieve things they could not have achieved without him. He?s a big brother to me and to many others. I can?t wait to see what the future holds for SSM and all of the ideas and knowledge I will be gaining from him and the schooling. 

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