Jordan Edwards

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Ever since my consultation to join the school, from our very first conversation i could tell that maestro was an exceptional, honest, kind, and selfless individual. He?s a true teacher, he cares for us all and sees us as the individuals we are and tends to our needs, whether they be academic needs or questions or advice. And he tends to our personal needs such as giving us advice, guidance, being that person that you could talk to anything about and being that person that understands.

He never hesitates to make himself available to us, he never ever ever ducks or dodges us or makes us feel as if we can?t talk to him. Most importantly he?s more than just our teacher and educator he?s our brother, our friend. Never has he exuded traits of cockiness, of dishonesty, or anything unpleasant in all my time being a student. He?s never made us feel inferior to him, given his vast amounts of knowledge maestro has always remained a humble  man and actually pushes us to use him as often as possible because he?s been through all of our shoes before and has laid the groundwork for us to succeed.

Since joining the program I now always have something to look forward to throughout my days. I can look forward to and focus on becoming a more well rounded individual in music and life. This is a full on dedication so we must devote time and energy into learning, studying, and applying all the techniques and information that we learn. Every time Maestro speaks to us he drops gems and gives us food for thought that further pushes us to focus and think. We stay out of trouble because we have our nose in the material, not focused on other outside factors. All Maestro asks of us is to study and apply ourselves and put time into our practices. It?s an easy sacrifice just like he said.

I joined the school with the goal in mind to improve my producer skills and make money, that’s it basically. But as we all became closer and maestro shared his experiences with us I find that my attitude, my goals, and mindset have drastically changed. I?ve learned from maestro that music is to be respected and not be used for vain selfish purposes, which essentially is what my goal was.

This was only months in that my goal changed from wanting to make money from producing to wanting to help grow and give back to the school that has changed me into the person that i am now and that i like now. My goal now is to see our school reach new heights and for me to give back and help everyone involved as much as i can.

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