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I first came across SSM watching a video that maestro uploaded call the ?Theory of SouthSide? the producer. Watching that video opened my eyes to the real side of music, not like the other tutorials on YouTube and just basic clicking in notes tutorials that everyone watches to try and replicate because they don?t know what they are really doing.

Maestro explained the importance of music theory even though most people think they don?t need it. From my experience in the school, I?ve come to learn that piano is the most important instrument to know because its the basis of all music. Maestro’s way of teaching is so unique that in such a short time I am able to look at a piano and start playing chords and scales just after the first week of classes, the way he explains and expresses music as a higher revelation than man really make you think and realize that music comes from the soul, the inner you.

The first class is a self learning and music apparition video where we watch an interview with a great legend bill evens and how he is an advocate of self-learning and making people work to learn because it makes learning that much better actually doing the work and learning rather than just being told what to do and not using your brain and trying to figure it out. Maestros goal for us is to be the best we can not by cheating the system but by actually teaching us how to make our goals a reality he doesn?t give us handouts or cheats, he teaches music for musicians and from there we are able to do what we want with that.

That’s just some of the things he does in just one week alone we learn how to

  1. Start playing the piano
  2. Start the process for music theory which is a long and hard process but with maestros background in music and psychology it makes it so much easier and enjoyable because with every lesson there are new tactics we can try and from that self learn by creating our own pieces using the actual logic of music theory
  3. He teaches us how to read and write sheet music which in today’s day and age is not really looked on so much as it used to but it makes learning music theory so much easier and again with his degree in psychology he intertwines everything together so every class every lesson counts towards the final goal of the school
  4. We have an intro to instrumentation, in that class, we really get into the production side of things where we learn where instruments are made to be played and where they sound pleasurable to the ear
  5. Mixing maestro puts an intro to mixing music into his week one course and it makes all the difference!

I’ve noticed so much improvement in mixing alone from my start at SSM. My goals at SSM are to be the best as possible, learn and be the best composer I can be.

Every Wednesday we have a study hall where maestro answers any possible question we have about music or even business wise its a great time when we all come together and grow off each other and different tips and tricks. Another great thing we have is a beat night which is where we send beats to maestro we go into a live stream and listen to everyone’s beats and maestro gives his input on what we can improve on and it shows him where we are with classes so that’s how progress is tracked and that counts as our Homework.

Other than our homework he pushes us to study and practice piano every day just get better and really work our mental state. Without SSM I honestly don?t know where I would be I love to take time on the classes and just get as much info out of each that I can because I know that its so beneficial and its not like most schools where everyone is spread out were all a family and are in group chats with everyone talking and also motivating each other to be the best as possible.

This school has been my greatest decision I have ever made and more people should get this opportunity to learn from an amazing professor and music lover like maestro the way he sets everything up it makes you feel 100% at home and like I said before part of another family.  

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