Meet the Maestro

SP Anonymous

  • Taught himself to read music in one hour!

  • After only six months of self-learning music theory, SP taught his first music theory student and composed and recorded his first piece of music

  • Played his first house band gig as the bandleader after one year of playing

  • Named the lead improvisation musician during church services

  • Was mentored by 2006 Golden Apple Award winner, Cuauhtemoc Escobedo

  • At age 22, Eckstein Middle School?s Jr. Jazz band won every competition they competed in under his direction

  • Designed all of the curricula for Eckstein?s first-ever music theory course, music history course, and improvisational class at age 23

  • Made over 10k per month teaching music when he was only 23-years-old

  • Earned an AA for Classical Piano Applied Arts and Certifications for Commercial Music in both Performance and Production

  • Studied under Juilliard Master Les Counts

  • Became the first producer who actively made a living off of production while teaching tutorials to the public for free

  • Began selling a lot of music in 2015

  • Started the SP Anonymous School of Music in April 2017

  • All of his students thrived and improved drastically, both beginners & advanced

  • Built the Neo Soul Erykah Badu Lane which grossed nearly $50K