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I started learning along with Maestro sometime in 2015/16 around the time he began to put out tutorials for Youtube. Right off top I could tell he really knew what he was doing by the way he explained complex theory of music as he put together his compositions.

I remain loyal to his channel, and was excited that he began to reach out to his followers and supporter Live from Youtube, where we could converse. Soon there-after he formulated a class like structure and gave any producer/musician a chance to learn in depth Music Composition. I jumped at the opportunity an enrolled in SSM. I?ve been in SSM over a year now.

Before I began I was just an average producer with limited knowledge of music theory an other aspects of music composition, to a highly skilled music composer with a plethora musical resources an skill set. Maestro has made it his Highest goal is to transform, nurture and guide us students to be the best version of ourselves, as producers and individuals.

I?m very thankful for all the love, time an energy Maestro has poured into my live personally and for all the help and love he has giving to others also.  He?s a true teacher, and a leader.

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