Zacki Ebadi – 808 District

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Maestro allows me to expand my musical knowledge and elevate my skills in the subject. Maestro is not going to teach you just one thing. I have learned compositional skills, production skills, engineering skills, etc. All these new techniques and methods I?ve learned have made me more impactful when I approach my DAW. In a nutshell, Maestro gives. He is very unselfish. The knowledge he has you would think he would want to keep secret, but instead he decides to share it. Why? Because he is a spiritual man and he puts his trust in the man above. Maestro has also changed my mindset about music. When I first started I really just wanted to make money off of this music. Now I?m focused on creating quality music. Now I understand that if I take care of the music, the music will take care of me.

Through meetings. We as students are constantly gathering together on a platform, for example on YouTube, to discuss and learn things throughout the week. We gather multiple times a week with Maestro. Maestro will answer our questions one day via study hall. The next day he will give us insight on the piano via piano therapy. Another day he will listen to our beat and give us direct feedback on what we can do better via beat night. There are multiple events happening throughout the week that help SSM students, like myself, stay focused.

Music is my passion. I?ve been doing this since Fruity Loops 7! FL 7?s release date was over 10 years ago! But I still wasn?t making the kind of beats I wanted for producing for such a long time. It?s all about efficiency, now how much time you spend doing something. I?ve only been in the school for about 3 months now and, aside from how to use the DAW and the obvious basics, I can easily say that I?ve learned more in these last 3 months then I have since I started producing. There is A LOT of misinformation on the internet. Whether it is in the form of tutorials, people saying something, etc. At SSM you will get the correct information. Don?t spend endless hours watching information online that won?t serve you, because 95% of it won?t. Trust me, I?ve seen them all. Make your time EFFICIENT! Spend it on things that will benefit your musical skills. Through the countless tutorials, SSM gatherings, etc, I am able to better pursue my dreams of one day doing this music thing for a living.

I?ve never been one to get in much trouble in the first place. It was just the way I was brought up. On top of that, how I was raised spiritually and the spirituality behind SSM is congruent with each other. We fear nothing except God. We come from God and to him we shall return. We know the creator is always watching so it doesn?t make sense to give someone the short end of the stick for short term self-benefit. This mentality alone will keep you on a good path and away from trouble. On top of spirituality, we are all brothers and sisters and SSM. We are positive individuals and constantly uplift each other. We take time to put forth positive, good energies, and rid of any negative ones. #SSM4LIFE

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